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Making the most out of your office party
Office parties are not your usual parties. Party or not – you are still in office boundaries and very much at the risk of jeopardizing your job if you aren’t well behaved. Instead of running away from these gatherings, it will be for your benefit to accept the invitation and make the most out of it. Yes the thought of having to attend an office party does turn your brains inside out just like the way you turn your closet upside down searching for the right thing to wear but take a deep breath and take heed to the following - everything will be alright.
  1. You have to dress right: That’s what everyone wants to know – what is ‘dressing right’ for an office party? Something that does not show skin in the wrong areas, meaning exposure should be limited to areas that ‘do not evoke excitement’! Transparent shirts for men and plunging necklines and short skirts for women only diminish credibility. To dress for the occasion you can wear a special business suit and dress it up with festive jewellery or a silk scarf/tie.
2.   You have to greet and greet right: Parties are meant for the staff and the upper
Management to get to know one another in a relaxed corporate surrounding so do not waste time in hesitating to introduce yourself to other members of the higher chairs. Always follow your introduction with a firm handshake. Never make the mistake of calling your Boss and superiors anything else than what you use to address them at work.
  1. You have to have a time frame: You need to know when to make an exit. If your colleagues comprise the major portion of your group, then stay till the end, but if it’s only the Bosses around, then take off early.
  1. You should know where to draw the line: If you’ve brought a date along to the party, stick to light flirting and nothing more. If you don’t have a date – even for the fun of it, do not flirt with colleagues.
  1. You should know your drink code: You cannot afford to drink heavy at an office party. A cocktail or two is acceptable, also don’t eat and drink at the same time – you should keep at least one of your hands free. Never pile your plate with heaps of food and also try not to return for platefuls, always eat something light before attending the party so you won’t be starving.

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