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7 all time employable skills

There’s a new breed of career trendsetters in the jobscape and they’re taking away all the best jobs – they deserve to, after all these are people who dare to take their personal skills to a professional level and market them creatively.
Here are the 7 important know-how’s that will increase your demand and boost up your career no matter where you work or in what capacity.
Being computer savvy: Every office can cash in on an employee who knows more than ‘just the basics’ on computers.
Good communication: Your ability to speak up and market yourself and your ideas can prove valuable to any job.
Proficient in English: Employees who find communicating in English will find themselves in high demand.
Networking skills: What you know and who you know can take you far up your climb.
Numbers: Accounting skills work not only for calculating but also in carving a smart impression out of you.
Being well informed: Keeping updated on what you know and who you know, actually works - the smile on your Boss’s face when you tell him of the Wimbledon results can take you a long way.
A positive attitude: What’s not to like about a smiling face? You could be the one who lights up your Boss’s day every day!
If you haven’t got in you, it’s time you work on building them in – for the people with these qualities are what employers are looking for; as one career consultant puts it, they’re the ones who rank amongst the highest work scorers in every sector today.

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