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5 surefire ways to get a pay rise!

Working hard isn't only enough when it comes to getting that much needed payrise. No matter how bad you need it, you're self esteem won't let you beg. If you've been working like a dog but still don't get that increase you've been hoping for, it's probably because you're not getting your bosses attention. (Through work of course!) Here are 5 ways on how you can make your boss see your worth.

Let others tell your boss how great you are. It's more convincing that way. Get your boss to hear a few praises you've received for your work every once in a while. You could say something casually like; "I got a letter from Mr.Shrestha. He said he was very pleased with our work". Or, you could always get that someone to tell it to your boss directly.

Keep your boss updated on what you're doing. Ask for tips and suggestions or how they'd like a particular task done, and of course, act accordingly as per the feedback.

It's wise to get in contact with your boss's boss. This is the person who makes the ultimate decisions on all things, including your pay rise! Don't go asking for a pay rise though. Keep conversations professional and short. The idea isn't buttering up to him, but to keep yourself and your contribution within his sights.

When you've done something worthwhile mentioning, don't hide it. When the task is successfully over, its time to blow your horn! Show your boss how hard a nut it was to crack and what you've learnt. This'll show them you're a capable and responsible employee. But as all other things don't go over to the top with it, as nobody likes a snob.

Be efficient and enthusiastic. Dress and arrange your desk and work in an efficient and presentable manner. Dressing up smart but working at a desk with papers unarranged doesn't look good. Searching through a horde of files for a piece your boss asks for doesn't help your image any better. Add to these features with a positive attitude. Show that you love your job. When faced with something you don't like, act as if you do. You might not totally enjoy it, but it'll make it more bearable. Your boss will be impressed with your enthusiasm.

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