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Enhancing your facial beauty

Looking good has a lot to do with feeling good. When someone praises your beauty or you manage to get the eye of the good looking person, your self esteem can soar sky high. Many may have been blessed with extra ordinarily beautiful complexion and facial features, but if even such people also need to work on their appearance then no doubt so should the less fortunate ones. Making best of ones natural resources is the only way to stand up to the competition!
The face is without doubt the most important asset when it comes to personal beauty. It is the face that grabs ones attention when conversing so better tend to it regularly. Here are some things you can do to enhance your facial appearance.
Wash your face daily with a face wash or scrub. With a clean washcloth, warm water, and gentle cleanser, wash your face every morning and night. Wash in circular motions avoiding the areas just around the eyes, nose and mouth. These areas have very delicate and sensitive skin and should thus be patted very gently. Rinse and then pat your face with cool water and of course a clean cloth to close the pores. With that done, gently dry with a towel to remove excess moisture.
Massage your face gently with small, circular motions on your cheeks, around your mouth, and over your forehead. This is to stimulate facial circulation and thus hydrate and nourish the face through venal nutrients. However do not over do it as it may irritate the skin or dry it up.
Invest in some water water-based foundation and quality cosmetic products. These need not be too expensive. A sunscreen, moisturizer and some lip balm or gloss are some must haves.
Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins and promotes the circulation of oxygen and moisture throughout the body. It is recommended you drink eight glasses of water each day. Fresh, clear water can help your face stay moist and youthful, and your body healthy and vigorous. Avoid more than one alcoholic drink per day, and preferably not more than two cups of coffee daily.
Don’t smoke as smoking dries up the skin, causes fine lines and narrows the facial veins, thus disturbing the proper flow of blood. Whenever possible, avoid smoky or polluted environments as well.
Exercise promotes blemishes free and clear skin add brings that flushed color to your face that displays good health An aerobic exercise of at least 30 minutes is will reap you these benefits. Your face will also have a tighter skin.

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