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Organizing your office for better productivity

A lot of time is wasted in small and insignificant tasks in an office. Searching for a pen, organizing files and chatting with a coworker who stops by to say “hello” are some examples of tasks that cost us those minute yet important minutes. These could be reduced by some simple organizing of your workspace.

Keep about half a dozen pens and necessary stationeries in a tray in your drawer. Searching or going out for a pen or a stapler time and time again can consume a lot of time.

Arrange files and folders on the basis of their importance. Keep those that need to be tended to at once, or on a daily basis in a separate folder or box. Those required for weekly meetings should be kept in another one so you can review them when you have the time.

Try scheduling appointments and meetings for the first and last hours. These are times when people are more definite in their tasks and conversations as they are more conscious of the time at that moment. In short, you can achieve more in less time.

Unnecessary conversations are big robbers of your productive time. Avoid interruptions from co workers by facing your desk away from the door. When co workers pass by, they will not meet your eye and thus avoid such unnecessary conversations.

Personal mementos should be hung on the wall and not on the desktop. Doing so will give you a bigger desk space and also help you concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Give your self a moment to relax by taking a stroll and breathing in some fresh air at lunch time. This will energize you and help you maintain your productivity.
Before heading home, place the tasks for tomorrow that require top priority on the center of your desk. That’ll help you get started and focused at once the next day. Also, designate a space in your office for items that need to be taken home.

Try out these simple yet effective ideas to boost up your productivity. Not only will it reduce the need to rush things at work, you’ll also find yourself with a lesser load to take back home. With your increased output, you might just get that promotion/raise you’ve been long wishing for!

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