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Rectify your drinking habit

Do you remember what you did when you were last drunk? Does your drinking worry your family and friends? Do you wake up the next morning with a terrible headache or a hangover? Do you stop drinking only after you’ve been denied by the bartender or you run out of cash? If the answers to these questions are “Yes”, you definitely have a problem with drinking too much! Here are some practical tips one can use to reduce ones alcohol intake or abstaining from alcohol.

1. Write down on a piece of paper the following and stick it somewhere where you will be seeing it every day.

  • Your reason to drink less.
  • The number or amount of drinks you are allowing yourself to consume.
  • A list or reminder of how you’re going to achieve your goal.

Make sure you read this list every morning and every evening before going to bed.

2. Do not stock alcohol in your house. This will only tempt you to drink more.

3. Sip your drink and taste its flavor, don’t drink for effect, drink for its taste. Have something to munch on while you drink.

4. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

5. Consume no more than a drink in an hour.

6. Learn to say “No” to free drinks. Better still avoid people and places that tempt or encourage you to drink more than you want to.

7. Whenever tempted substitute your drink with a non-alcoholic one.

Getting rid of a bad habit is a hard thing to do, but the secret is to never give up. Remember that you and only you are responsible for your behavior.

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