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Priyanka Karki, the hot model and VJ is this weeks selected “Hot Dish”. Winner of Miss Teen 2005, Priyanka has also won the hearts of many a men. eNasha managed to catch up with this gorgeous lady before she heads off for the U.S next week to pursue her education. A beauty with brains, Priyanka shares some of her thoughts.

1. Your sex appeal lies in your...

2. Who is the sexiest woman to you?
-Sushmita Sen.

3. What do you prefer to wear in the monsoon?

4. What do you prefer to wear in bed?
-Anything comfortable.

5. Things you can’t do without?
-Mobile and sunglasses.

6. Coolest thing you bought recently?
-A beautiful pair of Sandals.

7. Lipstick or lip-gloss?
-Lip gloss.

8. If you could change one thing about your appearance?
-Nothing, I’m happy the way I am.

9. Best one liner you've received?
-“You’re beautiful”

10. Love or flings?

11. Your perfect match would be?
-Rahul (her friend).

12. Restaurants or discos?

13. Tall or muscular?

14. Firm buttocks or loaded wallet?
-Firm buttocks.

15. What would you like to be
Being Super Rich or Being Super Popular?
-Being Super Popular

16. What gets people attracted to you?
-My smile.

17. While making love
Good Foreplay or Good Climax
-Good Foreplay

18. Getting wet in the rain or in the shower?
-Getting wet in the rain.

19. Bruce Willis or Johnny Depp?
-Johnny Depp.

20. One word that describes you best?

21. Perfect Body or Perfect Face?
-Perfect Face

22. If you were given a choice to date one celebrity who would be your choice?
- Johny Depp

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