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Watch your drink, it might be spiked!

Many people understand the importance of drinking responsibly. However there are times when you get drunk even when you haven’t crossed your limit. If so is the case, chances are your drink has been spiked.

Drink spiking is when drugs or alcohol have been added to your drink without your consent or knowing. Most often you can not tell when your drink has been spiked because often the drugs used have no color or taste or smell.

People often spike drinks as a gag, but it could also be out of anger, ill will or even to rob you or leave you open to sexual assault. By spiking one may add other alcohol to your drink, thus making it stronger. Even worse, your drink could be spiked by drugs. Rape drugs can start its effect in 15 minutes and can wipe out up to 8 hours of memory. So the next time you go out drinking, play it smart and protect yourself and your friends.

Never leave your drink unattended. When you leave for the restroom or leave your drink for a dance, leave your drink with some one you can trust. However this can be tricky as even those who you think can be trusted may not be so. The best thing to do is to finish it before leaving.

Never accept drinks from strangers. If you agree to someone buying you a drink, go to the bar with that person and watch the drink being poured. If you are at a party, always go and get your own drink. At the table or bar, always keep your glass where you can see it. Be aware of how much you are drinking.  

If your drink is spiked you may feel dizzy, faint, sick, or very drunk. Stay somewhere you feel safe and with friends you trust. If a friend acts weird and out of character, it is possible they have been drugged. Ask for help and see him/her home.

Spiking drinks is a crime and a dangerous thing. Getting drugged or too drunk can be harmful. You wouldn’t like it being done to you, so don’t do it to others either.

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