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How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?

Working people tend to drink a lot of coffee. Many offices have a coffee machine or facilities so that its employees can have coffee. This is because drinking coffee tends to give people that sense of invigoration of the senses. This may lead to better productivity and thus prove beneficial to the organization, but in reality over consumption of the drink can be harmful to ones health.

Coffee is an addictive drink. For those who have to work till the late hours or are under pressure to deliver, coffee can act as a energizing drink. Coffee is believed to keep one awake, enhance concentration and many depend on the drink to get an energy boost. That can help in the short run, but it is easy to get addicted to it without realizing it. If you're regularly waking up with a headache, or feeling a strong craving for coffee during the day when you haven't had a cup for a few hours, your body is sending you clear signals that it needs caffeine.

Excessive coffee intake can cause some serious harmful effects. It is known that coffee has an irritating effect on gastric mucosa and can lead to development of ulcers. In simpler terms, it upsets the stomach. Heavy coffee drinkers may develop vitamin b1 insufficiency and is also known to cause calcium depletion. Caffeine overdose ("caffeinism") can produce restlessness, nausea, headache, tense muscles, sleep disturbances, and irregular heart beats. Caffeinism may result from a single dose or from many doses in a short period of time.

It would be wise to reduce ones coffee intake. However, coffee intake reduction should be a gradual process. Sudden withdrawal from caffeine may cause symptoms that may be difficult to manage. Withdrawal from caffeine may show symptoms like headaches, bad temper, increase of premenstrual symptoms, exhaustion, widespread muscular stress, queasiness, short of appetite, constipation, short of concentration and absentmindedness.

To drink less coffee you can substitute it with another drink. You can always substitute it with a chocolate drink or herbal tea. Or you can substitute it with a cup of tea. Tea contains caffeine that is considerably lower than that of coffee, so will give you a mild boost that is easier on your system.

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