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Monsoon Blues

Event: Monsoon rain in Kathmandu
Date: 18-20July, 2007
Location: Various locations in Kathmandu
Captured by: Babin Limbu

This time on city sighting we have the Kathmandu Monsoon Blues. Our photographer Bhabin traveled around Kathmandu to capture some moments during the rain. 

Rain-Rain go away, little Johnny wants to play

You and me, in perfect harmony.

The sirens and lights will not work.

"Did I see a fish down there?"

You and I ....In a beautiful world.

"Darling I can't see the road. Would you hold the umbrella higher"

"I am going to tell you a secret in this rainy day. Did you know Rajiv proposed to me? "

Ummm..I left my umbrella at home. 

Any time is shopping time

Mr. Prachanda what do you make out of this weather?

Those boys were really funny, weren't they?

Yes they were. But my dear friend beware of them.

Uffff this rain. Why does it always rain on school time.

Dear Bagmati, help  us  clean the mess we make every year.

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