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Quitting your job politely

Quitting your job isn’t only about saying goodbye and walking out the door with your stuffs. When you quit a job, it is important that you depart with a good impression. Most people worry about creating a good first impression but they rarely bother with creating an equally good last impression. This is not a good practice as the impression you leave at your old work place can also affect your career.

Leaving your job for a better position and better pay can be understood by those in your current office. However, if you are quitting because you hate your job or your boss, you definitely have to work on making a graceful exit. To walk out the door after telling your arrogant boss in the face that you quit is not the wisest thing to do. You must curb the want to storm out of the office in a dramatic way as you may need to use your current employer as your reference. Also, you never know when you will be crossing paths with your previous organization. You might find yourself making deals with your to-be previous co-workers or boss! That’s not a good position to be in if you walked out disrespectfully!

To leave your work and workplace in a respectful manner, you must inform your employer at least 2 weeks ahead. You should write a professional resignation letter and personally submit it to your boss when he can spare some time for a brief talk. Do not make the mistake of letting your co-workers know about your decision to leave before your boss does. It wouldn’t be so nice if your boss had to hear about your departure from somebody else.

Any unfinished tasks must be completed or explained to those who will be taking over. All necessary documents and folders should be ordered and kept in place for the convenience of the others. Just because you’re leaving doesn’t mean your responsibilities are over. A true professional carries out his task with great responsibility.

Quitting politely is not only a good manner but also the sign of a true professional; and by doing so you will be remembered as an industrious and dedicated worker.

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