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Why I love music


Definition of music may vary according to culture or social context. The dictionary defines it as, "an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time". Music has different elements like pitch, rhythm, melody and so on.

The point here is music has come across a long way since civilization and it's a dearly loved art all over the world. Innovations have made such a drastic revolution in technology that now people can carry thousands of songs in their pocket.

Whether it may be a grey haired man or a little child with his satchel, music is dear to everyone. Especially among the youngsters we find that it has affected a lot! From mobile phones to I-pods, we have plenty of choices here!

Music is a universally beloved art. So, when it comes to music, we don't even care about spending thousands of rupees for music phone editions or an apple I- pod. But the point here is, "Is music really worth all that?"

If you ask me, I can give you my own reasons. My iPod is my best friend!

Here along with the technology, the credit goes to music makers as well! You may definitely have your own reasons to it. Allow me point out some advantages as to why I find music so important and worth spending on.

1. Music the best way to express ones feelings. Whether it be a blues song or a dance number, there is a song for all kinds of emotions.

2. Experts say that music is a powerful tool for healing. To be more specific, it bypasses individual’s conscious defense mechanisms and goes straight to the heart.

3. Music is all about creativity. Music helps increase ones creativity in other areas. You needn’t be a musical genius but you'll definitely use it to somewhere appropriate!

4. Music provides a social cohesion among the groups.
5. Researchers believe that music really helps increase ones ability to learn. It's a proven fact that music has helped educate students. Music helps them retain more knowledge. Teachers use musical rhymes to introduce small kids to the alphabets.

6. An interesting fact is that listening to music helps increase brain functions. Certain area of our brain remains active even if we when are not.

7. Listening music may not make you smarter but it will definitely help yourself be what you are. It characterizes you!

8. Music has a powerful allure. Simply because we enjoy it is the best reason of all.

I love music and I celebrate music. To me music is all advantage! This is why I listen to music. How about you?

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