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How technology has changed our lives

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. With in a short span of time, we have witnessed a vast change in the technological sector, and its impact on our daily lives can be felt. With the rate at which the technology is evolving, it is hard to predict what will happen in the near future. What is today everyone’s handy gadget may not be so tomorrow. With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, new products will appear in the market but only a few will reign, the rest will disappear. However the change they introduce into our lives will remain, or in other words, the changes in the technology will change our lives. Of that we can be sure as we have already experienced them.

Technology has changed the life of all those who have come in contact with it. Some changes are more direct than others and their effect more permanent. Such to the extent that it changes the way we perceive things and in fact it determines how we get along in life. What these technologies are that actually cause such major changes in the life of a person can’t be exactly pointed out as every one of us are influenced by different technologies and other non-technological things.

But nevertheless we are very much affected by the technological changes that assist us in our daily lives. Our lives have been influenced to a point of no return by these advances in devices and services. What are the technological advances or inventions that have changed our lives? Here are some 10 revolutionizing items we came up with and are listed  in no particular order.

Computer: the father of laptops, computer must be the greatest invention till date.

Internet: Resized the world in terms of information accessibility.

Cell Phones: Redefined “staying in touch”.

iPod: Changed the way you walk down the street.

The washing machine: No doubt played a role in the women’s Liberation!

Debit Cards: Who needs cash when you’ve got a debit card?

Digital Cameras: Revolutionized the way we view pictures, or more precisely take pictures.

Contact lens: Took a load off the nose and ears!

Satellite TV: Redefined home entertainment and turned the idiot tube into a dumb blonde!

DVDs: Better pictures and sound and most importantly eliminated the need to rewind.

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