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Opposites Attract!

-Shanti Gurung

You hear the phrase ‘Opposites Attract’ time and again, don’t you? I got acquainted with this expression during the 5th grade; through the then hit series, The X- files, of FBI Scully and Fox’s intriguing chemistry. (That’s one of the many benefits of Television you know!)

Now, as I look around and assess many relationships, I realize that although it seems strange for two totally opposite people to get attracted to each other, below the surface, its because they share core values. It’s easy to think such couples have little in common, but they’re drawn together because they like the stimulation of being with someone they can learn new things from. That’s why they fall in love in the first place!

Differences allow the couple to broaden horizons, and realize one’s issues. Like for instance; one may be the kind to bottle things up and hold back feelings, while the other could be more straightforward. This encourages the other to speak one’s mind, without hesitation. Again, being too blunt can often be a disadvantage, but it can be balanced by learning diplomacy from the other!

Which reminds me of what I was once told. “ It would be least interesting if both the partners were to mirror each other”. To which I must add, “…the couple would end up arguing all the time.”

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