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Bar Etiquette

Simple but often ignored here are some bar etiquette you should posses.

  1. Tip your bartender: Always remember to tip the bartender as he’s the one who determines how fast you get your drink and the quality of your drink. How well your night goes depends on how well you tip him. 
  2.  The bartender is not your servant: Learn to respect the bartender and his job. Do not snap, clap, whistle or bang your empty glass on the bar. You might get what you deserve - watery drinks and real slow service.
  3. Make your request fast: Often the bartender must be the busiest man on the planet and the people waiting to be served the most impatient. Know what you want to drink before sitting down.  
  4. Don't fight in a bar: If the bar is located in a far away lawless place, you may pick a fight, maybe. But since the bar you’re visiting is in an urbane place, you have to behave properly. Besides, unless you can beat up big bouncers, you’ll be landing your butt on the street. 
  5. Don’t behave weird: With the number of pints you gulp, your behavior may get weirder. Watch your language and movements. If you have any doubts and your friends are warning you, then they must be right. Stop drinking and get in control.   
  6. Buying a drink: Buying drinks in the bar for a girl is a common thing. If a guy buys you a drink, girls, you owe him a thank you. Guys, if you a buy a girl a drink, she doesn't owe you her entire evening.
  7. A bar is a place only for adults. So behave like one. Be and drink responsibly.

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