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Guidelines for asking questions at a job interview

A job interview is not only a meeting in which your prospective employer or interviewer asks questions about you. The interviewer may invite you to ask him some questions. This is an important opportunity for you to learn more about the employer and the job and position you are after. This is also a way by which the interviewer further evaluates you as a candidate, so you should be prepared for such questions.
Before you go for your interview, prepare some good questions. Ask questions that concern the job, the company, and the industry or profession. You may however not get enough time to ask all these questions though. These questions should be such that they show the interest you have in the organization and the job.

Prepare and ask different questions. If you ask only one dimensional questions, you may appear as a dull, uninteresting candidate.

Do not ask questions that may scare off your interviewer. Questions regarding work hours and monetary compensations should be answered tactfully. Show that you will be available for weekends if the need arises, that you are more interested in the work and responsibility than in paychecks and holidays. For example: “Do have to work on weekends?” should rather be asked as “Can you tell me the workdays in which I am expected to work?”

If the need be, don’t hesitate to ask questions to clarify what the interviewer said. However limit your questions to the explanations of specific points. If you ask the interviewer to re-explain an entire topic will give the impression that you have listening or comprehending problems. For example you can preface a question by saying “You mentioned that this company does so and so. Can you tell me how that is done in brief? ”

Smart questions asked or questions asked smartly may raise you in front of the eyes of the interviewer and thus distinguish you from the other candidates. Likewise if you ask bad questions, you will ruin your chances drastically. So it pays to prepare your questions before you head out on an interview. Best of luck!

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