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Female Language Decoded: Know  what women want

-Arati Gurung

I have to admit us women; can make things a tad bit difficult for our men to understand. Like when we actually want him to get us that cute pair of earrings for our birthday, we never say it straight; we’re always making up things wishing he would figure it out himself. If he does get the message, we love him even more, and if he doesn’t then, we conclude he doesn’t love us as much – what’s a man to do?  I’m sure when it comes to understanding what’s in a woman’s heart; even David Blaine has his problems. It’s amazing how women do it, for even the most seemingly straight forward statement we make is loaded with hidden meaning, poor guys! No wonder our men feel miserable.

If you’ve been feeling guilty for making your man worry, why not refer this article to him. Hopefully, he’ll find it easier to understand you, and you won’t have to go through the whole frustrating process yourself either. I’ve collected the most common lines we women use which actually say one thing but mean another.

We say: I’ve added on a few kilos haven’t I?
What we actually mean: I may have added on some kilos, but you still find me attractive, right?
Best thing for you to say here: Oh, have you? Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. You’ve always looked beautiful to me.

We say: How’s the food? It’s not that great is it?
What we actually mean: I’ve gone through so much to cook up this dinner for you; the least you can say is you appreciate my effort.
Best thing for you to say here: Wow, it’s great! Everything looks and smells so good! I really appreciate all this. God, this chutney is amazing! May I have some more?

We say: I’m going to leave, but you should stay with your friends and have fun.
What we actually mean: I’m leaving and if you care, you will come with me.
Best thing for you to say here: Your goodbyes to your friends.

We say: I’m sorry.
What we actually mean: Okay, I’ve said my sorry. Now it’s your turn.
Best thing for you to say here: I’m sorry too.

We say: Everything’s fine. Really.
What we actually mean: I’m really angry, and it’s your job to find out why.
Best thing for you to say here: Are you sure? You seem upset.
If we still says we’re fine, you say: All right, but if you want to talk, I’m here, okay?

Our dear men, these are just a few of the lines we use, there are plenty more that needs decoding time and again. But do be careful, sometimes we do mean what we say – so it’s for you to know when to decode and when not to. I know we’re a crazy lot, but that’s what makes us, us and what makes you, you.

We, women do plenty in keeping the relationship so sometimes, we like it when you do things without being told – atleast not directly!


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